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February 2022

Three stories in the past months: On democracy vouchers, news vouchers, and public advocates

December 2021

2021 was a big year for the Democracy Policy Network. Let's keep up the momentum in 2022! (Plus: a DPN Deck of Cards you don't want to miss out on!)
Join past and present Public Advocates for a celebration of a transformative government engagement idea

November 2021

A new policy kit on how states can establish a statutory right to restorative justice processes — and promote the development, cultivation, and…
How states can raise the age of incarceration and promote restorative justice alternatives for young people

September 2021

If you know democratically-spirited, policy-minded folks interested in gathering, packaging, organizing, and amplifying transformative state policy…
Join DPN in gathering, packaging, organizing, and amplifying state policy for opening up entrepreneurship to more people in more ways
If you are policy-minded, democratically-spirited, and looking for a way to help movement legislators champion transformative ideas, we would love to…

August 2021

The first book from DPN Books has launched: on how bringing money into politics can drive money out of politics

July 2021

The year's largest gathering of policy and strategy for deepening democracy in the states was a hit!
A policy and strategy summit for statehouse leaders working deepening democracy